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    Hi everyone - first time poster here. My contract with T-Mobile is up next month and I want to switch services. I currently have a Nokia 6133 with T-Mobile and it's awful - I'll be sitting in the same place all day, and suddenly get a notification for a voicemail that was left 2 hours ago. Or I'll get a text message, immediately try to write back, only to find that I have no signal. At other times, I'll have 2-3 bars.

    Anyway, I have a few random questions - if anyone can answer even one of them it would be a huge help:

    1) I'm considering the new Nokia 7205 with Verizon. The price is $130 at Verizon, but it's free on amazon.com - my question here is, if I buy it from Amazon with a 2-year Verizon contract, do I get the same service as if I bought it at a Verizon store or on Verizon's website? In particular, because of the trouble I had with T-Mobile, I am interested in their 30-day money-back guarantee.

    2) Which phone should I get?

    - The main concern for me is the phone's size. I want something as small as possible. I wish I could get my old 8260 again! A flip phone is ok. The thickness and width are more important than the height. Basically, a thckness of .7" is probably the maximum I'd want. I wish I could get the 5310 but it's only available on T-Mobile.

    - I do not want a smart phone or anything that requires a data plan.

    - I do not want a camera (at least at the expense of any extra size) but I think this is moot since companies are incapable of making a phone without a camera now.

    - Same goes for any mp3 or video player or stuff like that.

    - A decent organizer would be nice - I at least need to be able to set reminders in the calendar with alarms at specific times.

    - I would like it to work in foreign countries, as much as possible. My previous phone on Cingular worked in China, but this T-Mobile phone won't even work in Mexico. I realize this is probably more a function of the provider I go with.

    - A good interface for sending text messages.

    - Good talk quality.

    - Very important: strong vibration - I always have my phone on silent. Friends have told me that the iPhone (just as an example, not that I'm considering it) vibrates so weakly that they can't even feel it in their pocket.

    - Given all that, is the 7205 a good choice?

    3) A very random question:

    On at least one of my previous Nokias, there was a very convenient "snooze" feature for calendar reminders: If I set a reminder for, say, 4pm, I'd get the alarm then. But instead of just having the choices to snooze or exit, I could hit a button multiple times to increase the snooze time. It would start at 10 minutes, then each time I hit the button the snooze time would increase 10 minutes. So I could easily tell it "remind me again in 30 minutes", or 60 minutes, or whatever. Does any current phone have this? It was probably the most useful feature and I can't understand why they got rid of it.

    4) I know this is a Nokia forum, but if there are any other brands that, as Nokia fans, you think have a good interface and would meet my criteria?

    Thanks, sorry this was so long!

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    Re: which new phone to get? some random questions.

    There always this dilemma and Nokia makes for a killing choice specially the engage models.But I think IPhone has cut through half of the market.


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