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    Vertu's Signature Cobra Cellphone can be yours for only $310,000. Cheaper version sells for $ 115,000. Created with various diamonds and 439 rubies.

    Vertuís Signature Cobra. I donít know much about the phone features but I know itís expensive. What is the Cobra? The Signature Cobra is a luxurious cellphone encrusted with precious rocks by French jeweler Boucheron and it cost $310,000 USD. Why? The Signature Cobra is a ritzy gadget made from one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies. Does it feature speaker phone, streaming video, or a nice to-do list? Iíve come to this conclusion. Do features matter when an overprice cellphone is worth more than the average home?

    For the savvy, intelligent, and bargain shopper does this make an impression? NO. Itís a Paris Hilton phone marketed to those who love the bling lifestyle. The Signature Cobra, as one might observe, is merely a regular phone laced with expensive rocks. Itís the equivalent of crystallizing an apple or some other fruit. A once ordinary object is now engulfed with shinny specs of light which glitter from every angle.

    If you canít afford the $310,000 model a cheaper version is available for an affordable $115,000 USD. Thanks to the discount, .5% of the worldís population can now afford it. Vertu, the luxury phone company that creates and markets the Signature Cobra, is now taking orders which are currently limited to 8, but only 26 Signature Cobras will be made for the lucky few who make that decision.

    FYI: According to, Vertu is an independently run fully owned subsidiary of the phone manufacturer Nokia.

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    Re: Vertu's Ridiculously Expensive Phone

    It doesn't even look good, wow

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    Re: Vertu's Ridiculously Expensive Phone

    yeah, wouldn't even bother to buy this if i have a billion dollars. this would suit queen elizabeth though.... it looks like a Nokia 3210, the simplest phone to operate in the world.

    the bling and the simpleness combined.. it's not even colored and is probably on monochrome ^_^

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