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    Recently I installed the last version of Nokia Pc Suite available on their web site, it was working fine but I installed a program called Mobile Media Browser, after using it, configuring it I realized that it had damaged the Nokia Connection Manager options 'cuz there are no available options like Bluetooth, Serial Cable, Usb, Infrared, etc.. so I cannot set any of those..therefore the conection with the phone is not available, Can someone help me..? I already tried reparing, uninstalling and reinstalling I it didn't work at all.
    Also I realized that the driver for the phone in Win Xp was damaged too, but I run the wizard and now it's ok but anyway the program is not working, I'd be thankful if someone can help me..

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    well, the best thing you can do is try to uninstall those programs;mobile media, pc suite, then install them again. but this time try installing the mobile media first then pc suite. if you had the same problem, dont install the mobile media again.

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