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    Hi Guys
    I have a Nokia 6120 Classic, I was using it fine until yesterday I normally plugged in the handsfree and like never befer, my phone asked me what to do I rush on it and just press the button and now the headphone icon continuously showing up on the main screen whether handsfree is plugged in or not.

    When I plug my handsfree and play any music file like mp3 etc, I can hardly catch the voice of the song from headset and when I unplug my handsfree, the only sound I can hardly hear is on like volume # 1.

    I tried to listen to FM and it sounds perfect with full volume.

    I tried changing Enhancements Setting and I tried all the options like making it default on Headset, Headphones Music Stand but got no luck.

    Can anyone help me to resolve this issue as I can not listen to any music now.



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    Re: Nokia 6120 Classic Enhancment Problem!!!

    hmm. you think the phone has the problem or your handsfree device.. but what i can say is, try to back up your phone then do a restore. or you can try changing your handsfree device first.

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