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    Hey guys, I need help! Is there a nokia mobile phone which is able to connect the WAP or GPRS to a laptop?ie, is there any that works as a modem for my laptop? If yes, please specify and name the option or spec that is in the specific phone. Thanks.

    Can I use a nokia 5310 express music?

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    Re: Mobile Modem for a Laptop? (tethering nokia 5310)

    Yes, this is known at tethering. You're going to need a unlimited data plan from t-mobile first.

    Then you'll need a data cable for the phone. You can get these on ebay or any mobile phone accessory store. Apparently they are similar cables for external hard drives as well. You can also use a bluetooth connection. On the phone make sure the connection is set to either Bluetooth or PC Suite.

    Next download Nokia PC Suite: Nokia Europe - Nokia PC Suite - Download software - Get support and software
    The 'phone number' is internet3.voicestream.com, the user and pass are both gprs

    I believe these are the proper steps to setup the connection as a modem in win XP:
    • Control Panel
    • Network Settings
    • Network connections
    • Create a New Connection
    • Click Next
    • Connect to the Internet
    • Set up my connection manually
    • Dial up modem
    • Select "USB Modem"
    • Give your connection a name
    • Phone number is *99#
    • Leave name and password blank

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    Re: Mobile Modem for a Laptop? (tethering nokia 5310)

    Do we have any option to make it work in mac os?

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