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    I have a nokia 5310, but I need help, is there a program I could get to unlock it? Or is there a website for free that unlocks? Or just a website with codes?
    IMEI 359813/01/325162/7

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    Re: Need unlock code for Nokia 5310

    you can get the codes from your service provider itself if your phone is 6 months. else you can purchase codes from any other online providers. i got one from here. The Unlock Arena - ---

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    Re: Need unlock code for Nokia 5310

    ok i work for t-mobile customer service to unlock it you have to call us and you have to use an account with us that has being active for at leats three months then you wil need teh imei that is on the back of the phone when removing the battery they will also ask for an e-mail but you do not nessesary need that also they will tell you you need all this but ther truth is that if you keep calling us you will get a representative that does not knopw and will unblock it for you anyway.
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