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    Nokia XpressMusic 5800 – Web opinions

    Feedback Strands* (feedbackstrands) has analyzed opinions voiced on the web on Nokia XpressMusic 5800 during the period October 7, 2008 to June 2, 2009 by studying them on some web sites. This note is a brief summary of our observations – they are based on a sub set of opinions voiced and may not reflect a completely representative view of consumer opinions.

    Consumers appear to have given “thumbs up” to Nokia XpressMusic 5800 - the model received “Net Feedback” (% positive opinions - % negative opinions) score of 63. It received 77% positive opinions and 14% negative opinions. The remaining 9 % were ambiguous opinions.

    The most spoken attributes appear to be software, body, music & video, camera, display, browsing, battery and price. Of these attributes with most positive opinions were found in price, battery, music & video, software, display, browsing and body.

    Nokia XpressMusic 5800 appears to be very popular model among youngsters. However any class of people can use it. The body of the mobile gives a solid appearance wherein the size of the mobile is so that fits in perfectly in your hands. The users who are involved in lots of messaging have appreciated the soft keypad and easy controls as they help in faster typing of text. The software has many business application programs like Photo Browser, Handy Shell, Paint pad, Phone Torch, Opera Mini, Accu Weather, Quick Office, Google maps, PC suite and Fring. The applications are very fast in processing. Browsing becomes fast and easy due to the wi-fi and 3G connectivity. The resolution is very good on the display with saturated colors. Those who watched movies on the phone conclude that the display quality was impressive. The audio quality – the stereo speakers were loud and rich, able to simulate the acoustic depth of the movie – this feature contributes to 86 % of positive opinions given by people for music & video .Most of the consumers find the product to be rightly priced.

    There are also some attributes with negative opinions, like camera, body, etc. Some customers have experienced that the camera captures grainy photos. A few customers feel that since the body is made of plastic material, it looks cheap. There appear to be some pain points with software particularly the power sucks up when using applications and there is no firmware upgrades.

    On balance, Nokia XpressMusic 5800 seems an appealing proposition.

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