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    I noticed that if I set my phone to work in dual network mode (GSM and UMTS), battery life is shorter than if I just set it to GSM (that is because 3G signal is usually available where I live).

    This is, of course, no surprise, and I know I can make the phone work in 2G "mode" all the time, but I was wondering whether it's possible to set it to work in 2G all the time but go in 3G mode only when making an Internet connection. Right now if I set it to GSM mode (2G), any Internet connections are made through GPRS, and are therefore slow.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Dual mode: 3G only when making an Internet connection?

    Simple answer, no.

    The network determines what you are going to run, 2g, 3g, ect. Don't run it in dual mode unless you have too.

    Just leave the settings set to 3G. If you are worried about low battery life, then I recommend turning off the Bluetooth if you aren't using it (most leave it on at all times, even though they don't use it), turn the screen brightness down to a level where you can see it, but not at 100%.

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    Re: Dual mode: 3G only when making an Internet connection?

    I have a Samsung Jack.
    Do you know how can I disable 3G and leave it only in 2G mode ?



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