There is no such free cell phone number look up. The only information that you can get for free in using this service on the internet is the city and state the number is registered in. Usually you need to pay $14.95 or $39.95 to get unlimited service for 1 year on reverse cell phone number look up. You can also pay $4.95 to protect yourself by making your information confidential and private, because there are a lot of site that tend to offer free service in searching such information.
Most of the people purchase their own cell phone to have privacy. But without being informed, your name is already included in the database that can be accessed by anyone who is willing to pay to check all the details associated on your number. By simply typing in your cell phone number, they can have all of your personal information and can identify you and locate your address; this is very helpful to some people who are searching for his/her long lost friend or relative.
With this service searching for a person that you always want to locate where is he/she will give hope to those people who search for their biological parents for a very long time. Making the searching task easier, cost is not a factor for you as long as you have a quick result and accurate information provided by the cell phone number look up service.
Cell phone number look up will help you identify unknown caller on your cell phone, so if you are receiving harassing calls from an unknown number, you can use this service so that you can identify your caller and report it to the police. Listed and unlisted numbers can be traced. Even the location and phone carrier, line type and even household members can be identified using cell phone number look up.
A lot of licensed private investigators have been using this program for years and it is now available to the public. Each search is confidential, but of course, information that you need to know should be paid.
Anyone can use this service online as long as you are willing to pay; you can have all the information that you needed. It can be scary sometimes, knowing that anyone can obtain all of your information in exchange of money. But there is of course, a good usage in this service, as mentioned above you can find anyone, as in anyone as long as the database is updated and reliable directory have an access from different carriers, it is easy to locate and know the owner behind the number.
Cell phone number look up is very useful to other people but to some this is not too good, because everybody want to keep their privacy and keep their information confidential. But for those people receiving harassing calls and having a lot of stalkers, cell phone number look up will be their only tool to solve their problem and to end the trauma that they feel every time they receive threats from an unknown caller.

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