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    What is the difference between original and replica VERTU?

    I’ve been getting lots of e-mails lately from some of my readers, who are interested in knowing the difference between the VERTU replica phones that are being offered by websites like, HiPhoneShop Large Screen, Handwritten, Wifi, GPS, iPhone-like, Java/Windows, SmartPhone | Unlocked Cell Phones On Sale. Affordable Cost, Rich Features, Amazing Design...[/url], etc, and the original VERTU. I’ve been looking over the features of the original one (mostly on Google, as I’ve no access to the real thing) and comparing them with my own VERTU Ascent Ti Ferrari replica. Got some more information from Frank over at HiPhoneShop Large Screen, Handwritten, Wifi, GPS, iPhone-like, Java/Windows, SmartPhone | Unlocked Cell Phones On Sale. Affordable Cost, Rich Features, Amazing Design...[/url] yesterday and have come with 9 differences between the VERTU copy and the original. Here we go…
    Difference #1 – Software::: The main difference is of course the software. While the original VERTU software is based on the NOKIA S40 Symbian platform with some minor modifications. The replica VERTU software is CECT based, a platform developed in China which is flexible enough to support features like 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS/WAP, 3D graphics, external flashing and much more. The mainframe of VERTU replica CECT-based phones allows the seamless integration of third-party (specifically those ripped out of the original VERTU) images, sounds, menu structures, languages and even bits of program code. The flexibility of CECT software allowed Chinese replica masterminds to create iPhone clones, Nokia and Samsung copies and some other pretty amazing stuff. Another fascinating thing about CECT software lies in the fact that it can be edited by anyone who can compile and decompile flash ROMs. This means that anyone with enough knowledge and the right tools can modify the software inside a VERTU replica phone and add functions, features, scripts, etc.

    Difference #2 – Size and Weight::: The size and weight of the original VERTU is measured with jewel-like precision. has got all the exact specifications of their phone models, including volume. It’s a well-known fact that VERTU replicas and clones differ in weight. No VERTU knockoff can weigh the same and be of the same size as the real VERTU. The reason for this is physics. Mass, density and volume are all relative to each other. This means that if you have a small cube of 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm made of steel and a cube of 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm made of gold, the former will weigh less, since gold has a much higher density than steel. This means that if you would want to have a replica of a golden cube you will have to give up either weight or size. Same goes for VERTU replicas and originals. Steel is used instead of silver, steel+golden gilt instead of gold, making the replica weigh less but be the same in size. Again, this is pure and simple 6th grade physics. PRODUCERS WHO TELL YOU THAT THEIR VERTU REPLICA PRODUCTS WEIGH EXACTLY LIKE THE ORIGINAL ARE LIARS. The difference in weight may be from 5g up to 100g (if the phone is made of plastic) depending on the model. A very interesting thing is that the VERTU Ascent Ti replica (made from steel) is actually HEAVIER than the original VERTU Ascent Ti, since steel has a larger density than titanium.

    Difference #3 – VERTU Services::: The original VERTU series has got subscriptions to the VERTU Services: VERTU Concierge, VERTU Fortress and VERTU Select (you can read more on these services in my post). These services WILL NOT WORK on VERTU clones since replicas haven’t got legitimate serial numbers which can be registered at But, most replicas have got the VERTU Concierge button, VERTU Fortress in their menus, and VERTU Select, which actually try to connect to the real services offered by VERTU. Of course, you will get a CONNECTION FAILED message.

    Difference #4 – Materials::: The price comparison of VERTU will straight-forwardly give you an inkling of the fact that real gold, silver, platinum and titanium that original VERTUs bear are replaced by stainless steel (in gold VERTU replica models coated with a thin layer of, usually, real gold). The leather used in manufacturing the replica is usually cow skin, but some producers limit themselves to the use of leatherette to cut down on the price hoping to win a few customer over with their ‘flashy’ prices. VERTU phones are dressed in imported cow skin directly from the plains of where-ever Heidi used to hang out . Ceramic (used in many models) is usually the same ceramic, imported from different geographic locations. Sapphire glass is replaced by regular glass or plastic, and super-expensive diamonds are glued on to the VERTU replica casing from a box of freshly cut Swarovsky crystals. Of course, this all means that the original VERTU is much more durable (and the price is much more ’sky-high’).

    Difference #5 – Authenticity::: Funny to mention, right? How could a replica be authentic? Well, even funnier than it seems, producers of replica VERTU are striving to reproduce and replicate the authenticity. Serial numbers, engravings – everything. Good VERTU replicas of the Signature S phone will even have a forged signature under the battery. Certificates of ownership are also usually included with VERTU replicas. And even the pompous “MADE IN U.K.” engraving has its place on the ‘replica stage’. The serial numbers are all identical. For example, the VERTU Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition will have 0001/1947 as its serial number on all replica VERTUs. Ship half a thousand clones to Luxemburg and you’ll have the whole country carrying the ‘first’ most exclusive phone in the world of a limited number.

    Difference #6 – Model Range::: It’s funny how many different VERTU models has the replica line got. I’ve seen a website which sells VERTU wrist cellphone-watches! The original VERTU range has got about 20 different phone variations in 4-5 model ranges. A Chinese website will proudly present 80 different VERTU phones, in different shapes, sizes and colors. All the generic model range can be seen on Of course there are some models that are not listed, like the extremely limited editions of the VERTU Boucheron line. It’s interesting to know that just the VERTU Ascent Ti Ferrari replica comes in 23 different textures, colors and designs. The recent VERTU Ascent Ti Ferrari NERO replica comes in at least 7 different color variations. Mix n’ match, indeed. The VERTU Constellation and the latest VERTU Signature phones have NO CAMERAs in the original range, while Chinese stores offer camera’d replicas. Watch out (or enjoy; some people actually go for the camera mode, regardless of the known fact)!

    Difference #7 – Performance::: Talk-time and stand-by time is an interesting issue. I have always thought that an original VERTU phone has astounding battery performance. Alas, VERTU uses a little-more-than-average batteries, which offer 300 hours of stand-by time and 5 hours of talk-time. Replica battery life is a little shorter, ranging somewhere between 200-250 hours stand-by and 3-4 hours in data/voice connection. Replica VERTU have no Wi-Fi and 3G compatibility, but I’ve been told that it’s being worked on. The chip inside the VERTU replica is an MT6227 generic chip, which is fast for a phone that needs no more than half a million computations per second. The ROM memories in both the replica and the original are very identical, but in the RAM-fight the original wins by up to 100%. The replica VERTU RAM (internatl memory) of the VERTU Signature S (one of the phones that does not really have any ‘extendable’ memory slots) can store up to 2GBs, while the original stores 4GBs. Signal reception does not differ, both the replica and the original use generic Nokia transmitters and decoders, but VERTU’s internal aerial is claimed to make use of some new technology.

    Difference #8 – Availability::: Original VERTU phones cannot be bought online (unless used ones at eBay (and beware, many eBay scammers are selling replicas off for the real thing). Replicas can be bought online and in some phone shops (mainly in China). Limited editions in the VERTU range are not that limited in the replica VERTU range. For example, the VERTU Ferrari F60, produced in 60 units only, is owned by thousands in the replicated version. Many VERTU originals come in dual-band GSM versions, which don’t work in many countries which require a third and/or fourth band. Replica VERTU mostly come in tri-band GSM versions (with variable third band frequencies), meaning that a replica can be used while travelling with no fear of losing coverage. Registering a VERTU replica is much easier than the real thing. Did you know that to use the original VERTU with your existing SIM card you have to actually register the SIM card by phone or online? And if you get a new SIM card – you’ll have to register it as well.

    Difference #9 – Price::: Evidently, the most relevant difference when it comes to the choice of buying the replica or original VERTU is the price tag. A base Ascent Ti model (with a price tag of $7,000-9,000) can be bought off for 300-400 bucks in a replica phone. The signature Boucheron valued at an amazing $310,000 costs 300 times cheaper in the replica version.
    There’s no right or wrong choice here. The above wasn’t a “What is better?” post anyway. This is just knowledge. If you want a VERTU and you have ten thousand dollars to spare – get the real one, if not – get the replica. So that’s another 9 from Timmy Nine Thank for reading. Comment/share/mail me
    P.S.: This article is copyrighted 2009. If any of you cloning companies and websites out there try to clone this article, I’ll sue you!

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    Re: Replica VERTU VS Original VERTU


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    Re: Replica VERTU VS Original VERTU

    i am agree with the author idea, but i must add one more different thing ,Different #10, package and accessory, the original vertu has full pakage and accessory, but the vertu replica factory make the same package apperance , but different accessory. include the charger, usb cable and the case. , we sold many years of vertu replica phones, found this problem.
    as the author said if you have 100 thousand of dollar you will to waste , you can buy the original one , if not , i think the replica will be the best choice.
    vertu replica phones on

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