Vertu mobile phone is very expensive, and is a symbol of wealth, many people Can not afford to buy,and now, you can buy it that 1:1 clone vertu from,it is the same with original vertu, and the quality is very good. vertu style phone include :Vertu Ascent, Vertu Ascent Ti, Vertu Ferrari, Vertu Racetrack Legeds Limited Edition, Vertu Signature, Vertu Signature Diamonds, Tag Heuer, Vertu Constellation, The Newest Vertu, Mini Vertu, Special Vertu Replica and so on. and the price is the cheapest all world,the price is only $159.and What was promised: a TFT LCD (262,000 colors); English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Melayu Languages, MP3 and MP4 player, 2.0 M camera (the original has no cameras, I know, but wtf, if I can get a 5000 bucks worth Vertu clone with a CAMERA, unlike the original, why not? hehe), and other standard stuff.

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