I've been trying to get a higher volume out of the Music Player on my new N85 and N95 8GB, since even the maximum volume is not audible enough when using the headphones in a noisy environment.

On my old 6230i, I used to create a new equaliser preset, in which I set all the sliders to their maximum value. When activated, this would increase the amplification equally across all frequencies (i.e. increase the volume altogether).

I've tried this on both the N85 and N95 8GB, and after activating the "max" EQ preset, there's no audible difference in the volume. Also, when trying out some of the presets that were already included (i.e. Rock, Pop, etc), there was no difference whatsoever in the way the music sounded.

Does anyone know a way to actually make the presets work, or any other method that can give you a bit more volume? Thanks in advance for any help.

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