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    is it possible to unlock sim on nokia 5800 ???

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    Re: how to unlock sim on nokia 5800

    jocoolguy precisely what i was looking for thanx

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    Re: how to unlock sim on nokia 5800

    There is always a way to unlock any phone

    The Nokia 5800 seems to be the hot one that people are trying to unlock these days. It depends on the carrier that your phone is locked to. For example, if you hold a Nokia phone on the Rogers network, it will most likely be more cost efficient to get an unlock code for that as opposed to an AT&T Nokia unlock code or a T-mobile unlock code.

    Most third party sites are reliable, but I would recommend googling and reviewing a company name for feedback before purchasing an unlock code. All third party sites will ask for 2 things.

    #1.) Carrier
    #2.) IMEI (Found by pressing *#06#) or can be found on the back of your phone behind the battery

    Depending on which carrier your Nokia 5800 is locked to, that will determine the turnaround time as well.

    Hope that helps!
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    Re: how to unlock sim on nokia 5800

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