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    mp3 songs stored on the memory card of my 5800 music xpress just seem to have disappeared. i tried looking for them for using the music player,it didnt work, i refereshed the music player..it didn't work, i opened the all the folders on the memory card and i still couldn't find them, but when i checked the memory details of the memory card it showed a folder "other files" which contains the exact size of of what was in the music folder. i can seem to access this "other files". when i open the memory card it doesn't display any file with the name "other files", i have also tried connecting my 5800 to my PC and i still cant locate the missing Mp3 songs.

    please help me..thank you

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    Re: disappearing songs

    if it's your memory card is working properly. Then, one question, where did you got those songs? you know some copyright songs only for 24hour free and then deleted automatically.

    if you want to keep your songs, two solutions

    1. buy it

    2. get a DRM Remove Software

    go to Google Search "Wondershare Media Converter" for more information about DRM Remove Software
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