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    I use a long distance phone service provider for international and other long distance call.

    My provider requires me to dial an access phone number prior to the regular phone nr.

    I tried it on my E66: I wanted to dial the aceess number followed by ... and the regular phone nr.

    Regrettably, I get to read "Invalid Phone Number".

    What did I do wrong ? How is it done correctly ? Also I would like to know how I can store LD phone numbers WITH the access number in "Contacts".

    Can anyone help ?

    It will be appreciated.

    Thank you


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    Re: Dialing with access phone nr

    Try this. Either edit a contact, or create a new one.
    At the end of this long expliation, it should look something like
    Phone Card Access # Phone Number

    In the phone number field, first start off with the 1800/877/866 number. At the end of that number, press the " * " (star) key three times, then wait and you will see a p after the number. Do that a few more times (probably two).
    After that, type in your access code, insert a few more pauses, then the phone number.

    You may need to tweak the pauses (meaning making a few calls to test it), but that would do exactly what you are looking for.
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