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    Hey everyone,

    While I was browsing the menu of my N85 today, I noticed that the 3.5G icon was showing in the upper-left corner of the screen, indicating that a data connection was active. I checked Connection Manager, and indeed there was a data connection going on for the last couple of minutes, which, like the other three that were apparently established a few hours ago, had transferred a few KB up- and downstream.

    It's not that the cost of a few KB per day will ruin me, but I don't like it that some cheeky application is taking such liberties. Is there any way that I can prevent applications from freely accessing the Internet, or can I at least find out which application was doing that? Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Re: Unauthorised Internet connection

    I found sometimes my phone very sneekily does that. I have the WLAN set as the primary setting, so by default it should link up to my home network rather than my mobile network. Although on some ocassions it has connected using the 3.5G connection for no reason. I've had this happen in both the internet browser and the Nokia Maps application, so I don't think it's application restrictive - more an issue with the phone firmware. I'm really not sure...

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