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    Please pardon my ignorance- I don't know the proper terminology for a lot of stuff. My son has a Nokia 6165i phone that we can't get to charge anymore. We have a secondary charger for it (he lost the original Nokia one that came with it) that plugs into the jack part. It started out where he would sometimes have to fiddle with it to get it to charge and slowly got worse. Now we can rarely get it to start charging and if we do, as soon as we set it down it comes loose. Is there anyway to fix this or find a charger that plugs into the data cable place instead of the jack?

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    Re: Nokia 6165i won't charge

    There is a possibility that the battery is going or needs a cleaning around the contacts.
    The key thing I hear you saying is that a cable didn't fit properly. When the parts don't fit or are forced an issue can surely result, and it could be that the contacts are not aligned or bent from forcing.

    Try bringing it in to the carrier and have it checked and/or investigate a new cable.
    Radio Shack has many universal cables.

    When I first got my phone the sales person sold me a car charger. When I attempted to use it in the car I actually got a warning that it was the wrong one; I suppose it was a safety measure to prevent damage. I returned it immediately and got the appropriate one with no hassles from the Verizon store.

    Good luck, I hope it works out.
    I Sprinted to Verizon.

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    Re: Nokia 6165i won't charge

    The ear speaker on my nokia 6165i stoped working, I think it was because of a little rain that got to it. Do I have to replace the ear speaker and the circuit board?

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