Hello everyone,

There's a really cool sound that I like to use as a calendar alarm tone on my N85. It's called "Arctic clock alert.aac" and it appeared in the list of available tones when I first set up my calendar alarm tone (Calendar|Settings|Calendar alarm tone).

Strangely, now, even though the phone still uses this sound for any to-do notes, none of the "Arctic" series of sounds (which "Arctic clock alert.aac" was part of) is now to be found among the available options in Calendar|Settings|Calendar alarm tone. Nor can I find that .aac file anywhere on the phone (internal/external memory), when browsing manually with X-plore or with the File Manager.

The reason Why this is annoying is because I would like to copy that sound file to use on my other phone, N95 8GB, and I don't know where to get it from on the N85 (and I was not able to find it for download on the Internet). If it's still on the n85 (which I assume it is, even though for some reason it's no longer selectable as a calendar tone), it is probably in a protected folder or something. I tried using CapsOff.SISX, which I know is supposed to unlock protected folders, but it's still nowhere to be found. Can anyone help?

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