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    I am a newbie wrt mobile phones. I need to buy a decent, reliable phone. What I'll use the phone most is as a music player.

    So I'd like the phone to support as much secondary/expandable memory as possible without it bogging down.

    Budget: upto $300
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    PS: If you think a non-nokia/other brand phone would be better, feel free to recommend that too.

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    Re: Recommend me a decent nokia music phone

    hi , you want a cellphone as a music player , so easy , here is a new style of NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic Unlocked Smartphone , Music playback time up to 35 hours , its only for $259.00 after instant savings, within your budget , its too cool ! why not try it ? i guess you will like it , oh , almost forget to tell you , i find it at the site :Welcome to dealstudio , go for it !

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