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    Hello everyone,

    Apparently, v32.2.001 has been released for N95 8GB (product codes 0587943, 0563007 0558696 for now, and hopefully 0561948 soon). I was wondering whether anyone has updated to this version yet, and, if so, whether they've noticed any improvements. Most notably, whether the wifi crash bug in the previous firmware (v31.2.008) has been resolved. Thanks

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    Re: New firmware for N95 8GB (RM-421) - v32.2.001

    I simply cannot believe how amateurish this company is! After receiving feedback from probably thousands of unhappy N95 8GB owners who find themselves without one of their phone's most essential features - WLAN connectivity - they *finally* release a new firmware - after four months - and this new 32.2.001 firmware is one that leaves the wifi bug AS IT IS! I have just upgraded my phone and I can report that it crashes when connected to a WLAN for a while just as it did in 31.2.008. Also, after 10 minutes or so of browsing through the phone, I can see no improvement over the previous version. Thanks for nothing Nokia!

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