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2009 China(Guangzhou) International 3G Industry and Mobile Exhibition
2009.Dec 11st –, 2009. Dec. 13rd Guangzhou Pazhou International Purchasing Center
Held At the Same Period:
2009 China (Guangzhou) International Digital Communication & Netbook Exhibition
Guangdong,HongKong,TaiWan “3G Mobile Phone” Industry Development Summit Forum

Policy Guidance:
Ministry of Science and Technology,PRC
Ministry of Industry and Informationization,, PRC
Guangdong Government
Supporting Agencies:
Hongkong Wireless Development Center
Hongkong Wireless Technology Industry Association
Guangdong Electron Industry Association
Guangdong Flat Panel Display Industry Association
Guangdong Satellite Navigation Industry Association
Heyuan Mobile Phone Industry Association
Guidance units:
Guangdong Information Industry Department
Guangdong 3G Industry Development Union
Guangdong Mobile Phone Production Base
Guangdong Information Association
Guangzhou Tianwei Exhitibit . Co.,Ltd.
Co Units:
China Mobile Group Corporation Guangdong Limited Co.,Ltd
China Unicom Limited Co.,Ltd, Guangdong Branch
China Telecom Guangdong Corporation
Acknowledgement Units:
TCL Group Co.,Ltd
Huawei Technology Co.,Ltd
Zhongxing Conmmunication Co.,Ltd
Nokia(China) Investment Co.,Ltd
Yulong Computer Communication Science & Technology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd
Huizhou Desay Group Corporation
Guangzhou Jiesai Science & Technology Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen Konda Communication Science & Technology Co.,Ltd
Tencent Science &Technology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd

An Excellent Opportunity for Industrial Upgrading and National Brand Development
On 2009.Jan 7th, , Ministry of Science and Technology formally announces that China is stepping into 3G era. As a minister of the ministry, YiZhong Li indicates that the volume of 3G Direct Investment would predict to achieve about RMB 280 billions yuan within 2009 and 2010. Professionals with industrial authority widely estimates that the volume of 3G related indirect investment would be up to between 1.2 and 2 trillions yuan(RMB).With promotional policies for stimulating economy from all levels of government among states, provinces and cities, Mobile Communication Industry owns an excellent opportunity for industrial upgrading and national brand development.
Authority-hosted, Internationally top-ranking, High-class Exhibitions
Guangdong government and main departments pay close attention to the development of 3G industry in our province. Promoted by government and the competent authorities, guidanced by the Guangdong Information Industry Department, and held by Guangdong 3G Industry Development Union , Guangdong Mobile Phone Production Base, the Guangdong Information Association jointly organized the "2009 China (Guangzhou) International 3G Industry & Mobile Exhibition " & " China (Guangzhou) 3G applications & Mobile Phone Industries Development Summit Forum " was held in Guangzhou in December 2009 ,and Guangdong, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Taiwan's industry experts and scholars will meet there, which will be the first year with 3G of great historical significance of a large-scale event industry.
Rich contents & Wonderful highlights – Do not miss it
★One of the top ten exhibitions which supported from Guangdong Government;
★Most authoritative and most influential industry event of 3G industry in China
★Three operators and many well-known brands industry companies will display the latest 3G technology and products;
★Dozens of well-known industry experts, academics and more than 100 prominent business leaders will attend to summit Forum and discuss the development of 3G industry;
★ The infomation will be Reported by more than 100 New medias both at home and abroad
★ 10 call center staff will invite nearly 50,000 professional visitors to observe the exhibition
★ mobile phone market in Guangdong share over half of the national market share, such huge market share can not ignored.
★ The exhibitors from South Korea and Taiwan will bring the latest international mobile communications and the most advanced technology and products.
The Development of 3G Industry in great need of High-quality Exhibitions
Guangdong Information Association effectively impulses the development of modern information service industry and electronic administration. Since 2002, the Association has been conducting “China Customer Service Summit”, “China Best Customer Service Appraisal” and “South China Electronic Administration Convention” for six years in succession, which has been an annual industrial prosper. On the basis of that, hosted by Guangdong 3G Industry Development Union, Guangdong Information Association, and Guangdong Mobile Phone Production Base, “2009 China (Guangzhou) International 3G Industry and Mobile Exhibition” as well as “China (Guangzhou) Mobile Phone Industry Development Peak Forum”, would be held solemnly in Guangzhou on Nov, 2009. This would be an industrial pageant of great historical significance in large scale within the 3G era.
Range of Items on Display
1. Mobile operator: native and overseas mobile operator, service provider in terms of mobile communication, wireless city, etc.
2. Terminal manufacturer: various mobile terminal manufacturers and material providers in terms of cell phone, handset branding, mobile TV, PDA, GPS, laptop, mobile phone design, ODM, OEM, EMS, manufacturing, testing as well as encapsulating equipment for mobile terminals and accessories.
3. Equipment manufacturer and service provider: equipment supplier in terms of network, system, base station and antenna, as well as service provider in terms of planning and design, network optimization, technology research and development, construction and so on.
4. Corn module:manufacturer in terms of native and overseas handset module, cell phone chip, key accessory, new material and equipment; hop-spot hardware module supplier in terms of circuit, photo, display, GPS, mobile TV and light material; provider of handset hardware platform; distributor of electronic component.
5. Provider of information service: Application service provider in terms of mobile entertainment, mobile business etc; businessman in terms of handset operation system, embedded application software, built-in game, JAVA application and exploitation, BREW operation exploitation, etc; mobile service supplier in terms of GPS, handset TV, mobile TV, etc.
6. 3G technical product of mobile communication in terms of digital communication product, notebook, netnook laptop, wireless NIC. etc.
7. Accessory supplier:In terms of package appendant, electronic component, metal product, pressing part, plastic product, frame part, electrical source, plug-in and accessory.
Branding Exhibition---from Powerful Promotional Strategies
1. All-round promotional projects
According to a variety of promotional channels such as exhibition invitation, press conference, exhibition express, exhibition preview, industrial news and so on, our exhibition messages could be conveyed effectively to native and overseas buyers in terms of mobile communication industry.
2. Special projects for buyer invitation---free of charge for accommodation
(1). The list of buyers provided by exhibitors and industrial professionals would be added to our own database, among which 500 honored guests would be invited as our special buyers for all-round VIP service and free accommodation.(The 500 honored guests would be pick out among the buyers provided before Jun 28th by exhibitors)
(2). Converse order mode. In other words, overseas buyers have a special access to negotiation, when native and overseas suppliers have to register a matching engagement in advance by Internet---for one-on-one negotiation on spot.
3. A platform for website information
(1). Our exhibition would be promoted by the popular network searching engines such as BAIDU, GOOGLE, etc. Furthermore, in order to provide website audience with the latest and professional industrial information as well as related reports about mobile communication handset industry, we cooperate with professional information providers and set up a comprehensive information platform.
(2). More than 100 native and overseas professional medias as well as over 20 local main-stream medias help us to achieve a wide promotion.
4. Overseas audience delegation
According to the database of buyers in Canton Fair and Sponsor (altogether 4,8000 items), professional buyers from Mainland, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan would be invited to visit our exhibitions for order. Through Embassy in China and consulate in Guangdong from different countries, foreign purchasing delegations (especially from Southeast Asian countries) would be invited. In addition, they would be offered free accommodation by the committee, as well as arranged for visits and tourisms to mobile phone industrial parks in Shengzhen, Heyuan, Huizhou, etc.
5.Direct-mail promotion
300,000 pieces of various invitation and exhibition information would be mailed or delivered to thousands of potential audience directly, with 8 operators inviting professional audience one on one via phone.
Exhibition Fee Local Exhibitor: International Exhibitor:
Standard Booth(3m×3m=9M2) RMB 12800 yuan/booth 3800 dollars/booth
Blank Booth(no less than 36 M2,without any facilities) RMB 1280 yuan/ M2 380 dollars/ M2
For more enquiry, please contact our commissioner of committee: Mandy Kuang
Address:7C, Block A, Dongfang Huayuan, No.359 Middle of Guangzhou Avenue, Guangzhou, China
Tel:+86 020 87374305
Fax:+86 020 87370676 87371667
Official QQ:1198959568

Guangdong 3G Industry Development Union:
Address: 9/F, Government Yard, No.305 Middle of Dongfeng Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Tel:+86 020 83134256 Fax:+86 020 83134714
Contact:Mr. ShouYi Deng

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