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    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post, as I have kept looking at topics and researching but figured I would try to find a straight answer. I am currently working in Korea, but will be going back to Canada later. I want to buy an unlocked Nokia E52 and use it in Korea, then back in Canada. Now that Korea uses 3G, and the E52 does (both I think on the 2100 band), could I get a carrier to subscribe my phone in Korea. I currently use a really cheap phone I bought here but could I unlock the phone and number from it, and move it to the Nokia?

    Secondly, if I unlock the phone from the number again before I leave and come back to Canada, could I just insert my SIM and go back to using my GSM network back home?

    Hope someone can help, thought these questions are never easy to answer.

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    Re: Using E52 in Korea, then Canada

    Sorry, CanMan, I don't think the Korean sim will work back home. Sims are country specific.
    I want to get the same model, but Nokia hasn't released it in US yet. Can get it online for $300 to $400. What did you pay in USD? Manufactured in Korea?
    If you don't get any more answers here, try: symbian-freaks.com Nokia users.net
    gsm arena.com all about symbian.com

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