The most important thing to me is to find a phone with good sound quality. I have a speech impediment that makes it hard to understand me sometimes, so I need a phone that will give the clearest sound quality for my listeners. This usually means a flip phone, so I can get the microphone close to my mouth for best miking.

Other things I'm looking for in a phone:
- Good sound quality on on the receiving end and loud volume.
- A loud ringer (I just sold my e71x b/c the ringer was too soft)
- Small enough that I can put it in my jeans front pocket without too much of a bulge
- Decent camera; megapixels not important but low noise under low light is.
- No data plan required

Bonus points for:
- Wind noise resistance
- Design where the LCD won't get scratched even if in my pocket with keys (e.g. flip)
- Strong battery life

I really liked my Sony w300i, but the microphone is dying so I need a new phone.

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