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    Starting in the fourth quarter, the Nokia X6 touchscreen phone that was announced just last week during NW09, will be available for 450. Nokia X6 will have Nokia Comes With Music subscription and is included in the above price as well as internal memory of 32GB.

    The X6 will only be sold with the Comes With Music subscription but if you are looking into a cheaper version with only 16GB of internal memory, then you can grab the Nokia X6 with the 16GB but you will not have the Comes With Music service on it.

    Expansys has the Nokia X6 16Gb listed without the Music Service and being available in the UK beginning February 24, 2010, for 344.99 (about $566). The regular X6 (Comes With Music included) appears as being available starting November 12 this year, for 529.99 ($870).

    via: Nokia X6 gets price and date, both with and without music – technology news –*

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