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    Well I was just in formed by my dad today that he upgraded the sprint family plan to unlimited everything. I have a 2.5 year old motorola krazr thats seen better days, the front is cracked the screen is cracked and its time for a new phone.

    the plan is to order one off of ebay and switch over my cdma information or however that works.(if anyone has the site that would be appreciated) and then I will be able to use data, text, and voice.

    I have never texted as that was not on the previous plan but would really like to start so I think that a new phone with a touchscreen and qwerty texting would suit me. especially in college over here everybody texts and I'm left in the dark a few times because of it.

    wifi/internet browsing is not as important but would be a plus.

    My brother and father ordered the Samsung instinct and I am wondering if I should do the same, just want to ask here to see if their are better phones out there for my fit.

    Thank you,

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    Re: New Phone advice needed please

    The Instinct is a good phone, but there are better ways, and possibly more cost effective ways to go about getting another phone.
    First, seeing how your dad upgraded the plan, you might be entitled to a discounted or free phone upgrade. Contact Sprint to see.
    This is a much cheaper way to upgrade.

    Also, to find out what phone works for you the best, I recommend going into a Sprint store and playing with the phones they have there. This will allow you see exactly what they do, and help you make a better, more informed decision. You wouldn't lease a car for 2 years, sight unseen. Rent an apartment for 2 years without seeing it first.
    The same hold true for a Cell Phone. Play with the ones they offer in the store, and see which fits you best.

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    Re: New Phone advice needed please

    Thank you, their is a sprint store not too far from me. I will take a ride over there to check out the inventory.

    No I don't think I am entitled for a free upgrade, but will ask..couldn't hurt right?

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