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    The Nokia Twist 7705 mobile phone is expected this September. And my friend has bought one.
    But how much do you know about it? Much, or a little. If you don't know
    much about it, let me tell you some about it. Just take myluxphone as an example.
    Well, the 7705cell phone (yeah, that's what we're talking about here) doesn't look bad, but then a lot depends on what side of the (design)divide you stand. Whatever the case, the 7705 "Twist" is one mobile phone that will not go unnoticed. The design is downright revolutionry. While the idea of social networking integration is hardly original, the form factor of the phone might just be! The 7705 comprises of a screen dominated front devoid of many buttons. There'sa large "lever" at the rightside of the phone that acts as the swivel for the physical QWERTY keyboard that hides under the screen. To use the keyboard, all you need to do is to pull the keyboardand it will swivel open.
    Nokia Twist 7705 is a dual-band CDMA swivelcell phone with QWERTY keyboard. It features 262k colorQVGA display, Bluetooth, microSDHC card slot, music player and organizer.
    Do you like this lux phone? Just to own one as me. Before your buying, you will say that "thisluxphone.", but if you have bought it, you will say like my friend that" This is myluxphone." You will feel more confident.

    I envy my friend fsometimes. She has enough money to do anything that she like. She is leading a life, while i'm living for a surviving. Our lives are totally different.

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    Re: How much do you know about Nokia 7705 Twist mobile phone?

    great mobile.

    great mobile.

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