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    Nowadays, many mobile phones are required to be equippled with Bluetooth when people choose a mobile phone. They're all fond of Bluetooth Headse, however they don't use bluetooth during most of the time actually. So, I think about that is bluetooth is really a must for customers? Obviously, the true answer is "No". I have seen such words in an article,
    "This technology is great. For me, any wireless technology that works as good as or better that it's wired counterpart is worth the switch. Remember when remote controls were attached to the TV? By show of hands, how many of you still think those were better than what we use now? What about our wireless home networks?
    We are living in an ever changing technological world, and Bluetooth is that changing technology for headsets.
    What about those folks we think are going crazy talking to themselves? Well actually that sentiment first started when the wired headsets were introduced. Now it's such a common sight, just like everything else throughout our every changing environment (good or bad) we have now grown accustomed to it.
    But here is what really sold the technology for me. The Motorola MOTOROKR S9 Bluetooth stereo headphones. Now I have the added value of using my headset for calls as well as listening to music. I can also pair (connect) my Bluetooth headphones with any other Bluetooth capable device, or to my laptop, stereo and ipod with the use of a Bluetooth Stereo adapter. Now how cool is that???!!!!"
    To tell the truth, I can't understand him well. Why we buy somethind that we don't need. We buy a mobile phone, because we want to contact with others. Its functions is the most important factor. When I buy amobile phone, no matter it's an original one, or just a replica mobile phone. I all like it.
    By myluxphone.com
    Actually, I like many cell phone brands, such as Nokia phones, All my favorite!

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    Re: Is bluetooth is really a must for you?

    "Is bluetooth is really a must for you?"......It is for me when I'm driving=)
    MexiRicanNative...Princesa!! I'm a spicy mix! lol

    "Si vas a hacer algo,hazlo con estilo"

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