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    ok i have a nokia n70 and its from the phillipians sorry dont know how to ***** but i live in the uk can i unblock it even though its locked to a phillipian network

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    Re: Help with unlocking nokia n70

    Unfortunately there is no way to unlock this Nokia phone remotely. Since the Philippines is not a hot spot for Cell phone carriers compared to North America or the UK, there is a lack of demand, hence, a lack of support from unlocking companies.

    Our company does not provide Nokia worldwide unlock codes since they are near impossible to come by. The only Nokia unlock codes that are really offered are for the North American GSM servers at this time.

    So unfortunately, it doesn't look like you'll be able to use that phone unless you can find a local shop who has a hardware box to unlock it for you. Those can also potentially damage your phone too. That's why doing it by manufacturer code is always best. But since there is no proven solution yet, you'll have to make due or just wait until a solution does arrive. I will warn you that once a solution is available, it will be very expensive compared to other unlock codes.

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    Re: Help with unlocking nokia n70

    thanks for your sharing

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    Re: Help with unlocking nokia n70

    Unlocking via codes will be the safe way to unlock..try codes either from your provider or from online providers. Try Simple Unlocking - Unlock the Nokia N70 mobile phone to get unlock code for my mobile and get it unlocked.

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