I'm trying to sync some notes on my PC to my Nokia 6350.

Unfortunately, I'm having some difficulty doing this. Here are the things I tried:

1. Syncing the notes using the Nokia PC Sync application that is part of the Nokia PC Suite. What I did was to enter the notes in Outlook, then in the PC Sync app, I specified Outlook as the PC Sync app. Then I started the synchronization, but I got a warning saying:

"PC Sync was unable to insert the following entry to the mobile phone. The Nokia mobile phone may have run out of memory."

This is quite plainly not the case, as I can see that I have over 50MB free.

2. Trying to edit the nbu file that is produced when backing up data on the phone, so that it will be restored with the added information. Unfortunately, even though there are a few programs that will let you read what is in an nbu file (e.g. Noki, Nbu Explorer), they will not let you edit the information.

3. Looking for other software to synchronize the phone data. I found MobileMaster, but when I attempted to use the wizard to set my phone up for syncing, it kept on giving 'Unsupported File Format' errors. I didn't go ahead with the syncing as I didn't feel confident about those errors, and I didn't want my phone to be bricked.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to achieve what I want (i.e. importing data on my PC into the phone)? How can I fix the 'memory full' errors I'm getting? Can anyone recommend a backup file editor? Or can anyone suggest synchronization software that works with the Nokia 6350?

I would be very grateful for any responses to this issue.


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