*I'm using a Nokia 3500 Classic from Fido* (Not sure if this would work on other brand Fido phones)

Many phones from Fido (and possibly other providers), such as the Nokia phones do not allow custom ringtones due to copyright laws and such. When a custom ringtone is is applied, the Nokia phone will ask for an "Authorization key". There are sites claiming to have ringtones that will work for these phones...but I have yet to see one work on my Nokia 3500. A recent fix that I discovered (that also allows you to create your own ringtones) would require (This works on both Windows and Mac):
  • Audacity (a FREE audio editor that is quite easy to use once you get the hang of it by playing around) a u d a c i t y. s o u r c e f o r g e. n e t
  • Any type of Audio converter (I used the built-in Windows Audio Coverter that came with my computer)
    and the
  • Nokia Ovi Player (newest version of the previous "Nokia Music Player") accessible at: e u r o p e. n o k i a. c o m

#1.Open any type of music file in Audacity
#2.Create your own ringtone by cutting specific parts of the song, blending parts and adding your own effects such as fade in/fade out.
#3. Go to File (top left hand corner)
#4. Click Export as WAV (this worked best on my Nokia 3500c and also, exporting as an MP3 requires the uneccesary additional download of the LAME MP3 Encoder) and save to your desktop (where your Nokia Ovi Player should also be downloaded to)
#5. Go to your desktop and locate the WAV file, right click and select Convert Audio Format (or open any other Audio format converter) and convert the file:
#6.a) For Windows Audio Converter:
Select- Windows Media Audio (variable bit rate)
-Move the slider to smallest size (so that it takes up less room on your phone)
-Click Save my converted audio files in this folder: Desktop
-Start conversion
b) For Any other Audio Converter:
-Simply save the file to your desktop as a smaller size and so that it works with Nokia Ovi Player

This should convert your file to a small (sized) WAV file with the Nokia Ovi Player icon on your Desktop.
Then, drag the file from your desktop, to your phone and set it as a ringtone.

Although it may sound like a long, arduous process, once you get used to using Audacity (an excellent and free audio editing program) you'll be making ringtones in no time at all and you can stop unsuccessfully searching the web for compatible files.

BTW, if you do happen to have the Nokia 3500-classic or a similar phone and know of any free ringtone websites that do actually work, don't hesitate to reply!

I hope this helps... don't forget to leave comments and additional thoughts

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