Hello, I have an Unlocked Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition cell that I purchased online from the USA to use on a Canadian Bell Mobility network. My issue is that I can't get on the internet and Bell will not help me confirm the setting because my phone is not supported. In my package I have mobile browser and not a data plan if that makes a difference? I have no problem getting on my wifi network at home. I have gone through and set up the setting as best of my knowledge. I have used bell's support for Nokia E71 as my example and is what I have used to input into my nokia 5800 settings. Please advise if I am missing something.

Select Menu > Tools > Settings > Connections > Access Points.
Press Options (left soft key), scroll down and select New Access Point.
Enter the following information in each of the fields:
Connection Name: Bell WAP Connection (can be anything)
Data Bearer: select Packet data
Access point name: pda.bell.ca
User name: <leave blank> Prompt password: select No Password: <leave blank> Authentication: select Normal Homepage:
Press Options (left soft key), scroll down and select Advanced Options.
Enter the following data in each of the fields:
Network type: select IPv4
Phone IP address: leave as Automatic
DNS address: leave as Automatic
Proxy server address: web.wireless.bell.ca
Proxy port number: 80 The changes are saved automatically.
Return to the main menu and select Web.
Once the browser has loaded, press Options (left soft key).
Scroll down and select Settings > General > Access point.
Select User defined, and press OK (left soft key).
Select the name of the access point created earlier, and press OK (left soft key).

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