some people must remenber some NOKIA classic model, I'm a NOKIA fan, owning my fourth NOKIA E66, my last three NOKIA is 3120, 3110, 2610 which are classic style. I wanted to buy some for my little kids, but it's a pity many classic model is off production. but finally I found a china website- Micsourcing company which do wholesale those NOKIA phone, nearly all models were included. I'm really pleased to find such a website, and had bought original 3120, 6101, 6030 from it, all costed me less than $150! After got them in hand, I checked the IMEI number, they are exactly original ones. That's a very happy cooperation with Micsourcing company, so I advice if someone want to buy a new phone, just have a try on the site Micsourcing company, I believe that you can find one that suits you.

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