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    Hello to all gurus out there!

    I am planning a system to be used as part of my final exam and i would need a helping hand from all the gurus over here! I going to be calling a lot of people and the calling prosedure should be automatic as possible so it goes like this:

    - i will use Gsm mobile phone to call cause its basicly free now here in Finland, cheaper than any voip or similar, i can call 24hours a day for one euro!!!

    - ideally phone would be loaded with numbers and it would be calling the contact one after another, what i mean is if nobody answers/ or when i end the last call, it will call the next one on the contacts automatically

    - this autodialing mode should be possible to pause, while taking a break etc.

    - every call should be recorded

    - ideally i would use laptop only to load the contacts, for example on the morning when i am starting to dial..not to use laptop for controlling the mobile phone if its not nessecary

    - i get the numbers which i am going to be calling to my email

    - system should be cheap as possible

    - i will buy a mobile phone for this project so it can be any model

    So here is where i am at the moment:

    Total recall for symbian would do the recording part, recording automatically all calls

    I found a program which i quess can call all the contacts automatically, its freeware called Listcaller, i dont if its good or not, so i would ask if anybody has tried it? Can it handle big list of contacts? Is there any other software that can automatically dial contact lists trhu?

    I found really nice looking program like this for Blackberry phones, unfortunately there no recoding possibility for Blackberry phones

    Q2Call - Hands Free Calling free download - CNET

    Is there anything similar programs for the symbian s60 v3???

    I have been watching for the nokia e50 for the system, cause its the cheapest mobile phone where i can install the new better version of total recall

    Also i dont want have a luxury smartphone since i am calling a lot and dont want to be charging the phone all the time, 3g isnt a problem since i have mobileinternet on my laptop, only question is how many contacts does e50 allow to save on the memory?? I will be using 2gb memory card for saving the recorded calls

    Next thing is adding the contacts from laptop to the mobile phone, to pair it up with bluetooth is simple, but how could i make it "speed adding" i mean
    the names of the people are not important, only the numbers is what i need basicly, i will have contacts something like this: (on a .txt file or .doc/ .xls)

    name address number
    name address number

    how could i make this automatic? Is there some program which can take info automatically to the phones contacts book for example from .txt files???

    i have both mac and windows at my disposal so its all the same which platform the program is made to

    i am familiar with the program called dialectic on mac osx, nice program, but i would need laptop running everytime while making the calls

    Tell everything that comes to your mind! Any suggestions are welcome!

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