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    Hello... im a forum noob with a question, I think this is more a car question but i hoped somebody here might have some experience with it.

    i have a car with a nokia mcc-1 cradle installed in it, we wanted it out and I.. I mean some other idiot.. cut the cords and just unscrewed it. i taped off the cords and they run under the dash somewhere.

    does anybody know where they go? do they wire into the stereo or does it have some control box? I'd like to eventually remove the entire thing as safely as possible.


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    Re: mcc-1 nokia cell phone cradle

    Since this is a pretty old cell phone part I'll assume you don't have a newer car with any type of aux input. I searched a little and found that a control box came with the MCC-1. (HFU-2) It is (was) probably connected to that. You'll have to take a look under your dash and probably take out a couple screws and bolts, worst case.

    Here are the wires for the control box and what they do:

    Blue Wire connects to Ignition controlled 12 V+ (connected to a wire that gets 12v when the ignition key is on - may be in the steering wheel or close to it)
    Red Wire connects to permanent 12 V+ (goes to battery)
    Yellow Wire connects to Stereo Mute on Radio (not necessarily connected, but this is the one wire that would go into the back of the stereo)
    Green Wire connects to Antenna Motor Control (not connected in less you have a powered up/down antenna)
    Black Wire connects to Earth (goes to car body)

    At the very least you'll want to disconnect the 12v wires completely - you don't want they laying around under the dash.
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