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    Back on January 14, 2010, Nokia patented an application that would create a small mobile device that would be physically flexible as well have a flexible display. There was a concept phone that was shown two years ago, called the Nokia Morph, but has not been launched yet. This brings us to wonder if the flexible phone with flexible display may be the Nokia Morph that may be on its way sometime soon.

    A user interface for an improved user ineraction, was mentioned when the patent was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

    The idea that Nokia intends to bring to this phone with flexible display is that if you change the shape of the phone such as crush the phone like a can, the phone will search for nearby bars. If you bend the device in the shape of a bowl, the phone will search for nearby restaurants, and if you shape the device to where it looks like a roof, it will search for nearby hotels.

    via: Nokia Moves Ahead On Flexible Phone Displays | Go Rumors

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