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    According to Reuters, Nokia is planning on offering free GPS navigation to its smartphones worldwide. This may be due to Google offering free navigation service to their Android OS several months ago. This doesn't look good for Garmin and TomTom.

    Nokia 5800 Navigation and the 2700 Navigation Edition already have the free GPS navigation. The new version of Ovi Maps will have high end walk and drive navigation, free, and will provide voice guidance that is turn-by-turn for 74 countries and 46 languages with traffic info for 10 countries. It will bring maps that are very detailed for 180 countries.

    You can go to Ovi Maps by visiting the official website.

    Below are the supported phones for Ovi Maps.

    * Nokia X6
    * Nokia N97 Mini
    * Nokia E72
    * Nokia E55
    * Nokia E52
    * Nokia 6730 classic
    * Nokia 6710 Navigator
    * Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
    * Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition
    * Nokia 5230

    N97 will get the Ovi Maps 3.0.3 on Jan. 28. N900 will more than likely not get the free navigation system. Nokia smartphones should be preinstalled with the Ovi Maps this March.

    via: Nokia smartphones to come with free GPS navigation – now official » Unwired View

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    Re: Free GPS navigation for Nokia Smartphone

    I want to ask one question if permitted ! does it is necessary for smartphone equipped with GPS facility to have internet connection to use the facility of GPS. if not then that is really gr8 news...

    Does installing ovi maps on the phone will be ok means thats all ! or some thing more will be required

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    Re: Free GPS navigation for Nokia Smartphone

    Downloading of maps over-the-air may involve transferring large amounts of data.Your service provider may charge for the data transmission.The availability of particular products, services and features may vary by region.Please check with your local Nokia dealer for further details and availability of language options.These specifications are subject to change without notice. Wireless service is required to use many features. Some networks have limitations that affect how you can use this device. Contact your service provider about feature support and availability. The availability and accuracy of GPS location services are dependent on wireless networks, satellite systems. It may not function in all areas or at all times. You should never rely solely on GPS products for essential communications like emergencies. A-GPS is a network dependant feature that requires a data plan. Additional charges may apply. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved. Nokia, Nokia Connecting People, Ovi, and XpressMusic are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation.
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    Re: Free GPS navigation for Nokia Smartphone

    Nokia smartphones which is assembled with 3 G connection, also provides download speed of up to 3.6 Mbps. Mobile phones
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    Re: Free GPS navigation for Nokia Smartphone

    That looks pretty cool, too bad you need a data plan for gps though.

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    Re: Free GPS navigation for Nokia Smartphone

    Quote Originally Posted by Heavystone86 View Post
    That looks pretty cool, too bad you need a data plan for gps though.
    Where can you get a data planner?
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