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    Hi Guys, heres what im trying to do...
    with LGNPST i got all info from my LG DARE (that i brought from USA, now im in brazil),
    and i noticed that these info (NAM1 and NAM2) are editable..
    so heres what i thought...
    - My LG Dare dosnt work in brazil (dosnt have a place to put a sim card either)
    - I got a Nokia Xpressmusic phone from a brazilian carrier
    - so if could get the same info i got from LG dare, and i could just replace the LG DARE info with the Nokia Xpressmusic info (cdma, number, MCC, MNC,etc..) it might would be able to make LG DARE work, am i right?

    so i was lookin for a software that would make me be able to see all this info from my Nokia.... like... a software such as LGNPST, but for nokia....

    SCREENSHOT of LGDARE configs: (not able to put a link cuz its my first post)

    so if i could change all these things and replace it for my zilly phone configuration, i might get the LG Dare working in brazil (there's no LG DARE in brazil, they dont sell it here)

    can anyone gimme some help?? really need help with that, i wanna use this phone in brazil xD (cuz no one has it, and it is a really good phone)

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    Re: Brazil's Nokia config to USA's LG dare??

    Srry man. Can't help u there

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