Hi all

Just registered and first post asking for some urgent help.

I have a Nokia N95-8GB that I use extensively as a photographic machine and I am doing very fine with it.

Recently, for reasons I rather will not specify, it became unwise to connect the N95 to my computer due to inherent risks regarding the confidentiality of my computer contents.

I tried to get the memory card out to get it and avoid connecting the phone. It happens that I found out to my great surprise that my phone dosn't have the slot where the card was suposed to be and I can't find it anywhere but I do have 8GB somewhere.


1 - How can I download the pictures taken without the use of a conputer ?
2 - Any N95 models without the memory slot and with it say soldered somewhere inside the machine ?
3 - What can I do to get to the card contents without connecting the phone to a computer ?

All the best

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