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    I have a Nokia E72 and I have problems connecting to the internet. What do you think is wrong with my phone?

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    Re: Internet Connectivity

    Well, I don't know that phone in particular...but issues with internet, calling, etc. can only come from two places:

    1. Wireless provider issues (network outage, poor carrier, etc)
    2. A device issue.

    Device issues cannot always be fixed, but if it could be fixed...it would be by one of the following methods:

    • Pull the battery for 30 seconds.
    • Put the battery back and try again.

    If it is now resolved, it was just a start up issue.

    If that didn't work, call your wireless carrier. Do all troubleshooting their. They'll assume it's the network and have a tech look at the network deeper. If the tech doesn't find anything, then something is wrong with your phone. You need a replacement.
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    Re: Internet Connectivity

    That phone is made perfect for surfing internet. Mod is right just call ur service provider for the settings..

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