The Difference Between Nokia N-Series and Nokia E-Series

The N-Series is packaged as a fun device with a lot of multimedia features whereas E-Series is a more conservative design geared towards businessmen.

At the hardware level, there are already a lot of differences that can be easily identified. The most prominent of all is the different keyboard designs that are implemented on these phones. The E-Series phones have a full QWERTY keyboard to maximize typing speed while most NSeries phones only have the standard keyboard, but they also have dedicated player buttons for easier playback control. The N-Series phones have a much better camera compared to the E-Series, along with added entertainment hardware like an FM and DVB-H tuner. These features use up a lot of power and could easily drain the battery with prolonged use, perhas that is why Nokia chose to leave them out in the E-Series. A 3.5mm jack is also available in the N-Series models since this is essential to most music lovers who own high-end headsets that can reproduce better sounds.

The productivity suite that comes along with the E-Series phones are much better compared to N-Series phones in spite of that they are both equipped with the Symbian 60 OS. The email application in the E-Series phones are generally better and much convenient to use. A licensed version of QuickOffice is also added to the E-Series phones to further enhance its usability.
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