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    Hey Folks,

    I have a Nokia N95-3. Recently I changed the housing because the OEM one was beat up. Instead of going for the OEM one like I should have, I went for the cool looking one (Bad IDEA!). Firstly, the housing sucks!! It is so cheap!! Second, I have a HUGE problem which I can't put my finger on.

    The phone seems to suck the life out of my battery! I charge it when I sleep. When I awake up, it's full and without almost any use and 4 hours later, the battery is at 3 dots!!!! WTF! I must also add that there are two functions that do not work any more:

    1) When I slide up (exposing the keypad), the light does not turn, it does not unlock, and I cannot pickup any calls that way either.
    2) The phone does not lock when I slide back into normal position. Before it used to lock after 2 to 3 seconds on its own. However, now it just waits until that default idle time is up (like 10 seconds or something) and then locks.

    Does anybody think these issues have anything to do with my battery draining?

    Much help would be appreciated!


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    Re: Nokia N95 - Battery Draining Like Crazy! Help!

    Ive been having the same problem. i bought a new screen, housing, and a new battery for my n95 and as soon as i changed it the battery is draining like crazy. the brand new oem battery and the original battery which i had from before. Now when i slide my phone up for the first time after turning it on, it works perfectly. but as soon as i slide it down and then up, i get a blank screen. I cant figure out how this could have happened. can you let me know if you come across any information. Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Nokia N95 - Battery Draining Like Crazy! Help!

    You could have misplaced or damaged some components when you change the casing, or it could be just the casing is bad.
    Why dont you put the origingal casing back in and give it a try?
    If it is just the casing, then it is going to work normally again.

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