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    Cell Phone
    Nokia N81-8GB
    Hi folks,

    I was hoping for tips on places online where I could sell a Nokia phone. I listed the device on eBay twice, and twice my buyers turned out to be Nigerian scammers -- one even sent a spoofed payment e-mail. I've had it with eBay.

    I've tried Craigslist, but I haven't had much luck here in Canada -- the only offer I received was less than half what the device appears to be worth. Nokia is just more popular in other parts of the world.

    Any advice is appreciated. I'm just looking for an honest sale before the price depreciates to nothing.

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    Re: places to sell Nokia phone?

    why not try advertising it in bargain pages or somethin and get payment online? =/

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    Re: places to sell Nokia phone?

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    Is there ne new page, which means you can sell wirkaufens.de Since his (old) cell phone. One must only enter his model and specify the condition and then you get told how much you get. Shipping is free and you get the money into your account quickly überqwiesen Zimlich. N You can also donate some of the money. Is ne coole sache.
    The company also MP3 players, navigation devices and digital cameras.

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