Although Nokia is still the largest mobile phone maker in the world, but their market share in the United States is very small.

For years, the Finnish manufacturer states that the United States market is a very important market. However, although they have opened offices to research what appeals to these markets, the U.S. market seems still difficult to penetrate them.

"We must overcome the problem of availability of attractive products for the U.S. market," said David Rivas, Vice President of Motorola, as VIVAnews quoted from PCWorld, March 26, 2010.

Siemens realize that they must win the U.S. market if they want their Symbian smartphones will come success. But Nokia admitted that their products offer a limited difficult for them to achieve greater market share.

"Developers now need a good device that could bring an interesting experience for users," said Rivas. "When we are confident that Nokia can offer an interesting experience, we are still less successful than the hardware side," he said.

Rivas said, the lack of attractive options that the device is not the only deficiency Nokia. He claimed that they should not be left behind in the smartphone platforms presenting and application development environment.

"Five years ago, Nokia had a app store for S60 mobile phones long before other manufacturers provide support for third-party application developers," said Rivas. "Unfortunately, we failed to maintain these services into the forefront. We have added a variety of applications to mobile phones has become a common thing, "he said.

We have the Nokia itself is preparing the first phone based on the latest Symbian operating system. They say the product will be present in the first half of this year. Although Rivas mentioned the importance of the United States market for Nokia, but he hastily declared that the latest Symbian phones were not necessarily going to appear first in the United States.

As infromasi, Nokia also has tried hard to fix problems that plagued previous Symbian phones. For example, Motorola has reduced dramatically the number of clicks a user needs to be done to do various things.

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