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    Nokia has just recently announced that the Ovi Life Tools that was launched in India a year ago is now launching in China, called Nokia Ovi Sheng Huo Tong. This will be perfect for China considering they have approximately 730 million rural residents that could benefit from Ovi Life Tools.

    Nokia's Ovi Life Tools helps to address the needs of rural consumers that will help improve economic prosperity and quality of life. There are four categories that Ovi Life Tools has to offer and they are broken down into: agriculture, healthcare, education and entertainment. Nokia's Ovi Life Tools will be offered in Chinese language and the service is SMS based. The six partners that are involved in bringing Ovi Life Tools are: Beijing Etiantian Net Educational Technology Co. Ltd (Beijing Sizhong Ltd.), Beijing Nongxintong Technology Co. Ltd.,, Kongzhong Corporation, British Council, and

    There are only two phones that the Nokia Ovi Life Tools will work on in China and they are the Nokia 1800 and the Nokia 1616. These phones will be launched in the middle of this month with a price around 250 RMB to 300 RMB. Subscription to Nokia's Ovi Life Tools will range from 5RMB to 8 RMB for a one-month subscription or 1 RMB if used each time.

    via: Nokia - ShowPressRelease

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    Re: Nokia Ovi Life tools launching in China

    Nokia's market share in China fall

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