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    Last week Nokia promised to launch an early build of MeeGo and it looks as if Nokia is keeping that promise. As of yesterday, MeeGoToday, is in the works. There's still some bugs that has to be worked out such as unstable API's and missing components such as Web Runtime and optimizations for TI and Intel Atom, but a Touch UI framework as well as Qt. 4.7 with Qt Mobility API 1.0 and pre alpha of the core apps suite are already being built.

    If you want more info on the MeeGo project, you can go to the official website MeeGo where downloadable files can be found. Here is the site for the downloads: Downloads | MeeGo

    via: MeeGo Handset Project Day 1 is Here | MeeGo

    See More: Early build of MeeGo 1.1 has been launch by Nokia
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