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    Okay so i have a very annoying problem related to the Headset of my Nokia 6220 classic.

    I think it started every since I attatched my headphones and the USB cable (connected to the computer) to my phone at the same time. Doing that gave me a mild current.

    Ever since that incident whenever im listening to songs on my phone, suddenly on the screen it is displayed,

    "Speak Now"
    and then a bar shows the time when im suppposed to speak to the phone.

    This happens very randomly and i ensure that Im not pressing any key by accident or anything. This is annoying me cause this speak now stuff always happens while im listening to songs.

    also whenever i attend a call with my headphones, the receiver on the other end hears my voice with difficulty, meaning its very low. Its really beginning to bug me now.
    The voice quality of my head phones havent changed when i listen to songs.

    its just these two problems mentioned earlier i am facing,

    Please help!!

    See More: Headset problem.

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    Re: Headset problem.


    Try to update to the latest available firmware.

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