Would you like enjoying wonderful music while biking? Would you like calling anytime and anywhere with private space? Would you like a section of full-featured earphone which is affordable but of excellent quality? If thought that do not be anxious, lets Bluedio 5270 help you to realize.
Bluedio stereo 5270 Mini Headset , single-ear hook design, 20 grams of lightweight fuselage, elegant black and silver color matching, more quadrate design is shown more fashionable, and automatically connect or disconnect to the phone. Fashion, ease, comfort and convenient, just like a ubiquitous little gentle angle lying on your ears and to accompany at you nearby, bring you the families’ care and friends’ greetings.
Bluedio 5270 is a Bluetooth V2.0 stereo headset; equipping the earphone with Bluetooth technology keeps you away from obtrusive cables or wires,frees your hands to drive a car, work or do anything else while you are talking. An additional special “microphone mute” function can make real-time conservation shielding, and let you exclusive private conservation space.
Then the music you like can be transmitted to you through a build-in stereo decoding chips, of course it allows you to enjoy music with-out missing any calls. When a call incoming headset beeps and auto turns off the music, as music continues to play after the call ends. Convenient and comfortable volume control design and noise reduction and echo cancellation technology bring you into the world of music via gorgeous timbre.
The earphone has a operating range of up to 10 miter and the calling time as long as 8 hours. And it is commendable that the compatibility of the Bluedio 5270 is so large that it supports any Bluetooth 1.1 and V2.0 enabled computer and device, and is also applicable to a variety of mainstream brand Bluetooth mobile phone.
In addition, it is very beneficial to human body health by using a hands-free headset which may minimize exposure to radiation. There is only $10.87 on pickegg.com.
Last, except the Bluetooth earphone, the package includes a charge and a ear hook.
In a word, the glamour infinite the Bluedio 5270 is your perfect ubiquitous-s portable companion.

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