Hey all,
Hope someone can help with this. I've been searching high & low on all the forums and blogs that I can find to try and fix this. I just got a new Nokia e71x (AT&T) and installed Ovi Maps for all the US and the Voice files. I purchased a 1yr Navigation from Nokia and the turn by turn works but the sound for voice guidance seems to be muted. When i am close to a turn or destination, I can see a red box flashing like it's saying something and if I try to turn the volume up the bars are red. I know the e71x is not supposed to be supported for the free maps, I but found info here (Installing Nokia Maps 3.0.1 on the Nokia E71x - Jane Talks Tech!) on how to install it. I am using the Nokia_Maps_3.0_0302_3.2_u.sis which is actually for the Nokia 6650.
Jane also had a link to here (no sound | Beta Labs) (the last post by IKTUS) that another e71x owner (bobe71x) used to fix the sound on his phone but I tried it and it didn't work on mine. I have the latest firmware v3.28 on the phone and have tried to re-install the .sis file to no avail. There must be some code somewhere that AT&T put in to make it mute, or possibly the AT&T nav app is conflicting? Any help would be great. Thanks.

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