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    hello, everyone
    i am new comer here

    i meet some problems recently
    i need ur help

    i want to change and buy a new cell phone
    one of friends recommend me to buy it from Lencoo Electronics Co.,Ltd
    he told me that the cellphones of Lencoo is high quality and low price
    i step into the website Lencoo-----automotive OBD tools included auto diagnostic tools, benz/bmw obd tool,transponder key programmer,auto programmer,odometer mileage correction, op com opel scanner, HEX USB CAN VAG COM, code reader,elm tool,HID Xenon Kit, iphone,China call
    and find there are too many cellphone there
    i do not know which one i should buy

    so i hope you can give me some suggestion
    i want one with wifi and GPS
    and it must be touchscreen

    your soon reply will be appreciated

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    Re: give me some suggestion

    Text automatically translated from: Portuguese to: English
    not buy touchscreen sucks.

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