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    Nokia C7 it has certain features which make it an amazing handset. It has a sleek design with 3.5 inches touch screen and 8 MP camera with amazing resolution. It is available in various colors like frosty metal, mahogany brown and charcoal black. This handset is full fledged with many other such features which are adorable.
    Motorola milestone XT720 has great features like 3.7 inches TFT screen, 8 MP camera. This handset supports 2G as well as 3G networks. The look of the phone is the best part about the Motorola milestone XT720.
    Full Details On >> Nokia New Mobile Phones

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    Re: Nokia C7 Vs Motorola Milestone XT720

    NOKIA has been and remains the leading operator in mobile production company in the market and without doubt, the new Nokia C7 after an incredible start with this character. Although Motorola has lost its prestige in the mobile market in recent years, an increasing number of its phones, buy mobile users. C7 Nokia has certain characteristics that make it an amazing laptop. It has a sleek 3.5-inch touchscreen, 8 megapixel camera with an astonishing precision. It &available in different colors, such as frost, metal, mahogany brown and black coal. This phone is fully functional and many other features, which are beautiful.

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    Re: Nokia C7 Vs Motorola Milestone XT720

    I like Nokia but I think I prefer how the Motorola Milestones appears here. I hope you can post pictures to differentiate the quality of resolution of both handsets so we can do a better judgment. For now I'm considering of getting the milestone from timtechs and give it as a present

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    Re: Nokia C7 Vs Motorola Milestone XT720

    From my opinion of view Nokia C7 is better than Motorola Milestone XT720.

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